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Location: London GB
Company: Talent Xperts

We are hiring on behalf of our client, a Registered General Nurse ( RGN) for position of Deputy Manager in a well established organization in London.

Main duties and responsibilities:
1. To ensure that Care and Support is planned and delivered in person centred ways, in accordance with the needs and wishes of the service users whilst creating a homely atmosphere. To ensure that agreed care plans are implemented and reviewed on a regular basis
2. To ensure that the assessment of service users’ needs for nursing care and support promotes independence, choice and positive risk taking.
3. Develop and maintain professional, positive and effective links with service users, team members, visitors, external professionals and support the delivery of quality services that meet the needs of the service users.
4. When necessary to work as part of the rota and to provide direct nursing care in line with professional standards and recognising the post holder’s own limits of competence.
5. To administer and assist in the management of medication systems and practices in accordance with NMC guidelines and Home policies and procedures.
6. To act as a visible and positive role model by ensuring that Home values are translated into practice and that all relevant legislative requirements are adhered to in order to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of service users, visitors and team members.
7. Ensure that appropriate records are maintained in accordance with statutory, regulatory and organisational requirements.
8. Participate in team meetings and individual performance review and supervise and manage nursing and care staff, participate in training and development.
9. Recognise professional boundaries and make appropriate and timely referrals to specialists to ensure service users’ health and social care needs are met.
10. To maintain own competence, and to remain up to date with current standards of practice, through continuing professional development.
11. Liaise with external professionals to ensure that the highest standards of practice are developed and maintained, including with regard to assessments of current and future needs and wishes.
12. Ensure where appropriate that family members are involved and informed of significant changes.
13. To adhere to Health and Safety/Fire procedures at all times and ensure a safe and comfortable environment at all times and ensure the risks of infection and cross infection are properly controlled at all times.
14. Promote a diverse workforce that is free from discriminatory practice. To participate in handover, staff meetings, service user meetings, drawing up the rota, supervising care staff.
15. Maintain confidentiality regarding all aspects of the affairs of people who use the service, and regarding management of the service.
16. In line with communication and engagement approaches approved by the Directorate Team, to keep clients, their families, and advocates/supporters clearly informed of service issues and developments.

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ID number on 1678784; Indexed on: 03 August 2016

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